Pioneering multi-disciplinary engineering education

School of Engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru University is a young and promising school offering one of a kind, Five-Year Dual Degree Program with B.Tech in Engineering and Master’s specializations in in several aspects of Social Science, Humanities, Science and Technology.

Considering the all-pervasive and universal nature of technology today which cuts across disciplines, viz.  Sciences, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, the study of Communications, Environment and Information Technology will have to be brought in consonance with the understanding of various aspects of Economics, Commerce, Sociology, Politics, History and Linguistics. Rigorous data analysis (big data analysis, for example) on various social aspects have strengthened our understanding of social behaviour. The Humanities and Social Sciences no longer operate in isolation. In fact, the recent past has been a witness to numerous interdisciplinary collaborations: Communications with Languages and Linguistics; Environmental Engineering with Geography; Economic Strategies and Commercial Implications with Computing Methods etc.

Engineering has thus permeated and also extended extensive support to many aspects of Humanities and Social Sciences. Similarly, the Humanities and Social Sciences have helped the Engineering Sciences to construct models that factor in social behaviour and provide socially relevant solutions to various problems.

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