Semester Reg. / Fees & Payments

Semester Registration / Fees & Payments

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Registration process

  1. First, students have to get clearance from hostel. Students need to clear all hostel dues and pay hostel fees to get clearance. See detailed procedure for getting hostel dues clearance below.
  2. Then the students will contact through email to the college for document verification, if any, which is relevant to the fee structure. The school will input the fee accordingly into the system. Then only students will be able to pay their fee.
  3. Students need to pay their fees at JNU Cashless Portal on which they have to sign in with their JNU ID. After paying their fees through online portal, students need to send the fee payment receipt to
  4. Once the payment receipt is verified, students will have to fill a course portfolio form which will be given to them after the payment receipt verification. Students need to return the form after filling it.
  5. A printed copy of this hand-filled form will be generated and it's photocopy will be provided to the student. The original hand-filled form and the printed form will remain with the college office.

Hostel Dues Clearance

  1. Students have to check the hostel dues by clicking the web link of their hostel given here.
  2. After checking their dues, students have to pay the fees in the bank details (given below) as given for the respective hostel through online mode (Direct bank transfer, Internet banking or other digital modes)
  3. The receipt of payment for the hostel dues should then be sent to the hostel's mail ID (given below).
Hostel Bank Details Find bank details on this page.

Instructions for Online Payment of fees

For detailed instructions/grievances related to payment/other payment issues related to payment on JNU cashless portal, visit this page.

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